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Image by Bluebird Provisions

What is an "in-home" experience?

An in-home experience means that I source all ingredients for our menu's dishes and cook your meals, snacks, and drinks for you in your home. During this time, you will simply be going about your day-to-day while I work as quietly as possible in the kitchen to stock your fridge and freezer with goodies. While I am there, I will make sure to feed you breakfast or lunch (or both!) if you have not already eaten.  I believe a truly special part of this experience is knowing that another mama is close by, a part of your village, someone who is there solely to make sure you have the nourishment you need to tackle your day.

Do You Offer Delivery?

At this time, my offers include in-home experiences only. But gosh, let's keep dreaming about a little kitchen where I can cook for you and get goodies delivered all over town!

Where do You source your ingredients?

When items are in-season, I prefer to purchase what I can from local farmer's markets. I prefer to purchase local, organic, pasture-raised, and grass-fed items as much as possible. I often source other items from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Thrive Market.

Will there be enough food to feed my partner, or other family members?

Meal, snack, and drink options are thoughtfully researched and suggested for their nutrient density and supportive ingredients to a mother's healing after labor and delivery. Any dish or snack may be shared with family members, but is made especially for the new mother. Additional servings can be included, simply inquire during your in-home consultation for pricing.

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