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I'm Stevie and I founded The Well & Nourished Mama.  I provide in-home cooking experiences for women during their postpartum journey.  

This company was built from a strong desire to change the way we prepare for postpartum. As a mother of two, I was fortunate to have support and needed medical care during my recoveries. Little did I know until years later, my postpartum experiences were still lacking what I really needed. After going through the marathon of labor and heading home for my new journey into motherhood, I didn't know that I would need way more help to care for this new baby and for myself. I required so much more rest, support, and nourishment than I could have anticipated.  

My background in occupational therapy has provided me with many experiences to support people during life's transitions, and my special interest in maternal health has made my mission to serve new mothers that much more meaningful. I draw meal and snack inspiration from seasonal delicacies, an array of well-loved cookbooks, my own special dishes that I have enjoyed cooking over the years, and from amazing mentors.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with the nourishment and encouragement you need to thrive during your matrescence (or journey to motherhood). Don't see a service that fits what you need? Contact me to discuss how I can support you or a loved one.

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