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Just for you mama.

Nourishment and support throughout your postpartum journey.

The Well and Nourished Mama provides central Ohio mothers with in-home postpartum nourishment meal services.

Picture this...It's been a long night figuring out the sleep rhythms of your newborn. You make your way to the kitchen but it feels like more energy than you have to prepare just about anything. That's when I walk in, arms full of groceries and goodies and a knowing look. In the blink of an eye, I've corralled you into a cozy spot on the couch, and simultaneously already have fresh bone broth warming on the stove and am plating a slice of quiche and fresh berries for you. You can take a deep breath, knowing that you will be supported and nourished for whatever the day brings.

In-Home Cooking Services

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Welcome Home Meal Service

Don't worry about cooking in the early weeks of your postpartum journey, I've got your covered. 

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Just the Snacks

Fridge and freezer already stocked? I can make your snack dreams come true!  I will fill your fridge with nourishing snack options to satisfy that postpartum hunger.

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The W&NM

Gift Card

Gift her what she really wants for her baby shower: postpartum meals and snacks!

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  • You are interested in preparing for your postpartum food needs.

  • You want to enjoy your pregnancy and postpartum without spending a lot of time in the kitchen meal planning and prepping.

  • You want to nourish yourself with nutrient-dense foods that support your overall postpartum recovery.

This is for you if:

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Image of Stevie Edwards, founder of The Well and Nourished Mama.

Hey, I'm Stevie!

My goal is to help you feel replenished, nourished, and comforted during the tender newborn days and nights.

I create nutrient-dense meals and snacks for you to enjoy right away during your fourth trimester.

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